Basic Licensing Terms FAQ

Here are the basic licensing terms and conditions for using any of the graphic resources on This post is to help explain the licensing agreements in dept to help you get a better understanding on how you can use the images you buy from 

When purchasing clipart from, each clipart set comes with a standard licensing agreement which will be explained in detail in this post. If you have any questions please email

Please note that licensing agreements may change, with or without notice. UPDATED 4/11/2020

What Is Considered Personal Use?

Personal use applies to all personal projects with no intent of selling your creations. Create as many personal projects using Writelovely's clip art without limits!

What Is Considered Commercial Use?

Commercial use applies to all projects you create with the intent of selling your creations for profit. You can create up to 1000 products using Writelovely's clipart. If you go over that amount, you would have to buy an extended commercial use license.

Please note: Under this standard commercial use license, you cannot
-Claim the images as your own. 
- Resell the clipart as individual PNG files please read below for more information.

Do I Need To Give Credit ?

You don't need to give credit, however, if you do decide to give credit it will be greatly appreciated!

Can I Create Digital Products With Your Illustrations?

You sure can! Just as long as you don't resell the clipart as is as individual PNG files. Or as digital stickers which would essentially be considered reselling the clip art as individual PNG files. The only exception to digital stickers or anything of similar nature would be that you have to combine the clipart with different design elements such as text or other graphic resources.

Can I Create T-Shirt Transfer Designs Using Your Illustrations?

IYes you can! However, you must combine it with other elements such as text or other clipart as a flatten image. If you allow your buyers to buy your product for them to create something they plan to resell, you would need to purchase an extended commercial license to cover your buyer's bases while using my images. 

I Bought Some Of Your Clipart From Another Marketplace (I.E Creativemarket, TheHungryJpeg, TPT etc) Which licensing term would I follow?

The terms are under the jurisdiction of where you bought the clip art from. Each digital marketplace has it's own licensing terms, so if you bought it from another marketplace, such as Creativemarket, you would follow their licensing terms for that clip art set.

Can I Use Your Illustrations To Sell On POD sites like Zazzle,Spoonflower, or Cafepress?

In order to do that, you would need to purchase my POD extended commercial use license which is found here: Extended Commercial Use License. This includes those wanting to create their own fabrics to resell.

Do I need an extended POD commercial license if im using a Print On Demand Manufacturer like Printful to help create my products?

Nope! The extended POD license is mainly for those looking to sell on a POD marketplace, not if you're planning to use a POD service.

Do You Take Refunds Or Returns?

Due to the nature of the product, I do not offer refunds or returns. In the event that you have accidentally ordered duplicates of a product I will be happy to exchange it for something of equal value or refund you the cost.